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Which Is The Most Tasty Vegetarian Food?


Today in this article we will tell you about Which is the most Tasty Vegetarian Food? If you are a vegetarian, then this collection of easy and delicious Indian Food will take your taste buds to a whole new level.

Spices Dosa

South India There are many popular types of dosa made in India such as Rava Dosa, Neer Dosa and Set Dosa. They are usually eaten with coconut chutney and sambar. You can eat dosa at any time of the day.

From breakfast to lunch to dinner. They are healthy and taste great. This masala dosa recipe will give you a restaurant style masala dosa, where the dosa is crispy and is eaten with delicious potato masala.

Veg Rise

Are you trying to include more vegetables in your diet? Try this vegetarian casserole recipe. Use the vegetables you love the most like peas, potatoes and green beans to make this simple vegetarian casserole that’s packed with flavor! Many varieties of Veg Fried Rise are made in Indian recipe.

To know more about Which Is The Most Tasty Vegetarian Food? then please read full article. Because these food are not bad for health & everything are explaining in this article.

Chickpea lentil

Many recipes are made from Chickpea lentil all over India. The combo of Chickpea lentil with luchi is very popular in Bengal. In South Indian, Chickpea lentil is used to make many delicious dishes like Lentils vada or Chickpea lentil. This is a punjabi style Chickpea lentil recipe with Fry with butter.

Fried Lady Finger

This is a dry mild spicy Punjabi bhindi masala made from lady finger, onion and tomato. It tastes great with some soft phulkas or bread. It is made on an onion-tomato base with spices — a combination often used in Punjabi food.

Cream Kofta

Cream Kofa is the most loved food of India. Mashed potato balls stuffed with paneer and fruit are doused in a sauce of heavy cream and cashews. Serve this North Indian meal with naan or long grain basmati rice and enjoy!

Butter Lentil

Butter Lentil is one of the most famous and delicious recipes of India. This is the most liked recipe in India. Non-vegetarians also like this recipe very much. This recipe is made in every corner of India.

It is made with black lentils which are slow cooked with creamy, buttery taste, ingredients and wonderful spices which makes it more delicious.

Peas And Cottage Cheese ( Mattar Paneer )

Another great combination that makes for a super hit Indian vegetarian recipe is peas and cottage cheese!

This recipe has a delicious onion tomato gravy which makes this recipe very good. So enjoy this spicy tangy vegetable gravy with naan or rice.

Spicy Gram ( Chana Masala )

Are you trying to find a recipe that is full of flavor and easy to make? Then you must try this Indian style spicy gram recipe.

This recipe is very easy to make. You can make this recipe very easily at home. This recipe looks very tasty with rice and bread.

Veg Biryani

There are many different types of biryani made in India. An authentic vegetarian biryani is always slow cooked on a dum. This cooking on dum gives uniqueness and originality to Biryani. You can easily make this recipe on gher and it is very tasty and liked recipe.

Indian foods are very famous in the Vegetarian World. We are very pleased to share these information with you & Inviting you try these Deliciouos Foods.

If you have any serious illness, then use these recipes very well, because some dry hot spices have to be added to them, so take doctor’s advice. Green Tea is Beneficial can also give you a lot of benefits for good health, for which diseases. One more important thing to share with you, if you eating this meal everyday then you need to do Easy Some Exercise that will stop to gain weight.


Friends, So We have told you about Which Is The Most Tasty Vegetarian Food? Hope you like & enjoying this article.

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