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What Are The 5 Basic Of Skin Care?

Beauty is most important fact in the life to attract people. Hello friends, In this article we will explain you about What are the 5 basic of skin care? Read full article and We are sure your skin will be more brightness on your face. 

If the skin becomes oily or oily then it needs special care. How your skin will depend mainly on three things. These three factors are lipid level, water, and sensitivity. Having oily skin means that the level of lipids in your skin means that the amount of fat is high.

However, most of the chances of having oily skin are due to hormonal changes. Sometimes lifestyle is also responsible for the oiliness of the skin. One of the reasons for this is also considered that when the pores found in your skin are large and the activity of the sebaceous gland is high, even then your skin becomes oily.

Face Mask 

Our skin cells are dying every day. Dead skins also occur on the skin of the face. We apply a face mask on the face only to clean the Dead Skin. Although many face masks are available in the market, if you want, you can make them at home as well. You can prepare your own face mask by mixing some household things like lemon, oats, egg, milk, papaya, etc. By applying this, your face blossoms.

Food & Drink 

If the food and drink are not proper then many types of problems arise due to it. The problem of Oily Skin is one of them. To get rid of oily skin, you should stay away from oily food or foods with too much fat. Along with this, you should eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of green tea, juice, and water in a liquid diet. Don't miss any word these are very important information about What are the 5 basic of skin care? 


Cleaning can fix many things. Clean the pores and dirt from the face with the help of a cleanser. After cleaning properly, wash the face thoroughly with lukewarm water. Apart from this, you wash your face two to three times a day and do face scrub twice a week. Doing this helps your facial skin to breathe. Another advantage of this is that it will not cause your spots.

Toner Help

As we have already seen that people with oily skin have large pores. Toner works to close the pores of your facial skin. So that dirt does not get accumulated in it. Rose water can be used as a toner.

Applying Moisturizer

It may sound a bit strange but it is true. You must be thinking that when the skin is oily, then what is the use of moisturizer? But it is not so, you can apply a water-based moisturizer. This also helps. There are More unique Tips for Glowing Skin.


In this article, we have explained you about What are the 5 basic of skin care? have Hope you are happy now because these are all Basic and Very helpful for make skin more glowing and attractive.


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