How Can I Grow More Intelligent?


In this article, we will explain to you How can I grow more intelligent? We will share with you some simple steps that you can follow and grow your intelligence. If you are intelligent then you can earn health & wealth. You can start a Business and Make Money.


Cells are there, electrical current is formed in them, then patterns are included in them, then memory is formed which is our memory. With the help of this, we are able to remember things like if any incident happened in our childhood, then we remember that too.

These formed patterns are completed in the initial 8–10 years of the child, then our behavior mostly depends on how our habit is based on the pattern for 8–10 years. Which works on the habit brain but we can replace this habit with the conscious brain.

Learn To Concentrate

Because there is no concentration in the work we do, because when we do any work like bathing, eating, whatever, then something or the other keeps on running in our mind or we keep thinking.

If we want to control it, then we have to practice for it, like if we do any work, like if we are eating food, then till the time we are eating food, the purpose of our life should be only to eat food.

If we do any work in this way, then we forget the Past and Future at that time and live only in the Present, that is, whatever work you do, do it with Concentration.

By concentrating in this way, after some time you will come to concentrate so that you can run your mind according to yourself.

Get Enough Sleep

Good sleep is very important to sharpen the brain, and the way we use the brain throughout the day, In such a situation, the brain also needs rest, so we should get good sleep, if we do not sleep well, then the head remains heavy. Because of this, it is difficult to do any work.

Do Exercise

When we Exercise, the body will remain fit as well and our mind will also remain healthy because it is very important for the body to be healthy for the brain to function properly. In this, more attention can be given to mental exercises like mantel analysis, puzzle game solving, and connecting one piece of information with another.

Eat Healthy Food

If you eat healthy food, then your body will be healthy and if the body is healthy, then your mind will be healthy. What we eat has the biggest impact on the functionality of our brains. That’s why Nutritious Food should be used.

Read Books

Reading books increases our knowledge, which increases our reasoning ability and thinking ability. When we read a book, it gives light to our mind, which makes the mind broad and sharp.


Friends in this article, we have explained to you How can I grow more intelligent? hope you like the content and enjoy it. Thanks

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